I regret to announce that I'll be closing Bee Werks until further notice. I know that I've made some promises that I'll update whenever I can, but currently I'v had no time to do so.

Thank you all so much for all the support in the past & hopefully I can create more clay works in the future =)

Till then~
Cheers to handmade!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clay Orders will be made after 5th March 09

Hello customers & visitors~!!

I'd like to inform all of you that from this date, all clay products ordered now will only be made after 5th March 09, as I have deadlines for assignments in 2 weeks time & will be having finals soon.

I hope you all understand that I'm just a regular student too~! ><

However, I'm still accepting orders throughout this period. Discussion on details of custom made clay products will still be replied, so that clay products can be made immediately after 5th March.

Thank you very much for your patience & understanding~!!

Bee Werks^^/

Kim & Winnie's Orders

(Earring Studs)

Height(H): 7mm
Length(L): 6mm
Width(W): 4mm

Price: RM7

3 pairs sold!!


(Earring Studs)

H: 1.2cm
L: 1.5cm
W: 6.5mm

Price: RM9

2 pairs sold!!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The White lady

Only the white wear is for sale.

Other accessories and gadgets are only for display purpose.

It's new!!!

Normal price: RM 75

Sales Price: RM42 only + free earrings of your choice
Status: 1 available
Color: White
Code : SPW002
Size : Free size

The Pink Lady

Only the pink wear is for sale.
Other accessories and gadgets are only for display use

It's absolutely new!!!!

Normal price: RM 55.90

Sales Price: RM 33 only + free earrings of your choice
Status: 1 available in each size
Color: pink
Code: SPW003
Size: S (UK size 4-6)
M (UK size 6-8)

The Purple Lady

Only the purple wear is for sale.
Other accessories and gadgets are only for display use

It's new!!!

Normal price: RM 54

Sales Price: RM35 only + free earrings of your choice
Status: 1 available
in each size
Code: SPW001

Size: S - size 34 (UK size 4-6)
M - size 38 (UK size 6-8)

Monday, February 9, 2009

~Sweet sweet Valentine~

~*Valentine Special*~

Can't get a gift special enough for your loved one?
Well, fret not!
Here's an exclusive piece made for all you love birds out there~^^

Limited Edition Cuddle Puzzle

A unique puzzle couple design
with different designs on each side of the puzzle.
When the black side of the puzzles are joined,
it forms the Chinese character '好', as in a good relationship.

On the red surface is a T-shirt with a gold love in the middle,
blue striped boxer design for boyfriend's piece
& a cute yellow polka dotted bra design
with a shiny *bling* in the middle for the girlfriend piece.

Note: The red & black designs are on the same piece of puzzle.
i.e. Red & black designs are on both sides of the same puzzle piece, front & back=)

Black Side:
Separately, they are ‘女’, girl & ‘子’, boy.
The Chinese characters' colour are gold.

Red Side:
The girlfriend piece is a bra design,
while the boyfriend piece is a boxer design.

Boyfriend Piece

Height(H): 2cm
Length(L): 2.5cm

Girlfriend Piece

H: 2.3cm
W: 4mm

The puzzle pieces can be made into either
a keychain or handphone string upon your request.

Cuddle Puzzle is sold as a pair!

Price: RM54


3 pairs sold!! =)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Customized Designs for Diana~

Peachie Pig

Diana's customized design =)
She designed this pig herself for a cross-stitch project of hers.
I like how she designed a little cross bandage on the belly^^
So cute~!!><

Height(H): 3.3cm
Length(L): 3cm
Width(W): 1cm



Happy Bunny in Lavender

Another order by Diana as well~
My Happy Bunny design in purple~!!^^
This is a sample of a modified piece
because I'd prefer to maintain the exclusiveness of each design.
So, if anyone's interested in any of my completed pieces,
I'll make it into a different colour or alter some of the details =)

Size (bunny)
H: 4.1cm
L: 2.4cm
W: 7mm



Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Customized Design for Badrinna~

Crimson Guitar

This design was requested by Badrinna =)
My most challenging piece~!
The most tedious part was the neck of the guitar & its strings.
I made the strings as fine as I could have ever rolled.
They're 1/2mm thick or probably thinner still.
I maintained the number of guitar strings like the real one,
because I was told that a guitar has 6 strings.
At least I know that much of a guitar =p
The picture may not reveal it,
but there are micro-sparkles all over the guitar!^^


Metallic pearl(white with micro-sparkles)

Flesh brown
Woody brown

Height(H): 9cm
Length(L): 3cm
Width(W): 9mm


(CAN REMAKE - varied)

Would you buy a Bella charm bracelet inspired by the movie/book 'Twilight'? Charms: Heart-shaped Swarovski crystal & howling wolf (carved from clay by me)

(A) Which team would you buy?

(B) Which charms you want on Team Edward?

(C) Which charms you want on Team Jacob?