I regret to announce that I'll be closing Bee Werks until further notice. I know that I've made some promises that I'll update whenever I can, but currently I'v had no time to do so.

Thank you all so much for all the support in the past & hopefully I can create more clay works in the future =)

Till then~
Cheers to handmade!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

~Sweet sweet Valentine~

~*Valentine Special*~

Can't get a gift special enough for your loved one?
Well, fret not!
Here's an exclusive piece made for all you love birds out there~^^

Limited Edition Cuddle Puzzle

A unique puzzle couple design
with different designs on each side of the puzzle.
When the black side of the puzzles are joined,
it forms the Chinese character '好', as in a good relationship.

On the red surface is a T-shirt with a gold love in the middle,
blue striped boxer design for boyfriend's piece
& a cute yellow polka dotted bra design
with a shiny *bling* in the middle for the girlfriend piece.

Note: The red & black designs are on the same piece of puzzle.
i.e. Red & black designs are on both sides of the same puzzle piece, front & back=)

Black Side:
Separately, they are ‘女’, girl & ‘子’, boy.
The Chinese characters' colour are gold.

Red Side:
The girlfriend piece is a bra design,
while the boyfriend piece is a boxer design.

Boyfriend Piece

Height(H): 2cm
Length(L): 2.5cm

Girlfriend Piece

H: 2.3cm
W: 4mm

The puzzle pieces can be made into either
a keychain or handphone string upon your request.

Cuddle Puzzle is sold as a pair!

Price: RM54


3 pairs sold!! =)


Would you buy a Bella charm bracelet inspired by the movie/book 'Twilight'? Charms: Heart-shaped Swarovski crystal & howling wolf (carved from clay by me)

(A) Which team would you buy?

(B) Which charms you want on Team Edward?

(C) Which charms you want on Team Jacob?