I regret to announce that I'll be closing Bee Werks until further notice. I know that I've made some promises that I'll update whenever I can, but currently I'v had no time to do so.

Thank you all so much for all the support in the past & hopefully I can create more clay works in the future =)

Till then~
Cheers to handmade!!!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Customized Design for Aimi =)

Raspberry Star

This is a custom designed handphone accessory ordered by Aimi =)
It is a 2-way design, with patterns on both sides of the star.
Stars are surprisingly challenging shapes~!
But the most tedious part was the star details as the backing for the name.
I did it line by line, but it's worth it~
Looks like a snow flake pattern with lots of *bling*~^^

Blush pink
Metallic pearl (white with micro-sparkles)

Height(H): 2.8cm
Length(L): 2.8cm
Width(W): 8mm


(CAN REMAKE - varied)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year~!!! =)


Bee Werks would like to wish all of our customers & visitors a very




We may not be able to reply your emails from 25/1/09 - 28/1/09

So, we'll be fully back on track by 29/1/09 =)

Thank you very much for your patience & understanding~!!

Much Love,
Bee Werks~^^

Friday, January 23, 2009

Opening Sales!!! CNY sales!!!

To celebrate our opening, and also Chinese New Year,

we are giving everyone a BIG treat~!

5% discount on every Umami Product (clay designs only)!

20% discount for customers who buy RM50.00 above!

(not inclusive of clay designs)

30% discount for customers who buy RM100.00 above!

(not inclusive of clay designs)

Don't miss it!!!

It's absolutely worth buying!

This fascinating promotion is only valid till 11 February 2009.

So why hesitate???>~<

Kawaii Bracelets~

Currently, these are one of Japan's hottest must haves!!
A one-of-a-kind bracelet with dangling cuties~^^

The bracelet strap can be worn both sides,
the laced side or the whitish beige & black side~

The hoop & tooth is for you to lock your bracelet!=)


Code: UCB200
Status: SOLD OUT


Code: UCB201-1
Status: 2 available

Code: UCB201-2
Status: 1 available


Code: UCB203
Status: 1 left


Code: UCB204
Status: SOLD OUT


Sales Price: RM11 only
Normal Price: RM22 each
Size: approx. 18cm in length

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gorgeous Woody Round Earrings

Wood-carved Masterpiece

Sales Price: RM6 only
Normal Price: RM12
Status: 2
Code: UCA104

5cm in diameter

Engraved Antique

Sales Price: RM4
Normal Price: RM8

Status: Light brown - 1
Code: UCA104
Colour: Light brown

4.8cm in diameter

Purple Daisies

Sales Price: RM4.50 only
Normal Price: RM9

Status: 3 available
Code: UCA105
5cm in diameter

Floral and Vines

Sales Price: RM4.50 only
Normal Price: RM9

Status: 3 available
Code: UCA106

5cm in diameter

Dazzling Earrings from Korea =]

Golden Carriage & Rocking Horse

We absolutely love this a lot~
This detailed carved carriage and rocking horse caught our eyes instantly!

Very eye catching~
With crystals attached to each piece =)

Sales Price: RM9 only
Normal Price: RM18
Status: 2 left
Code: UCA100

Length: approx. 5cm in length

Black & White Squares

Simple black & white squares with a black bead attached to each piece~
Plus, a semi-transparent white ribbon tied onto it.
An easy match to any clothing =)

Sales Price: RM10 only
Normal Price: RM20

Status: 3 available
Code: UCA101

Length: approx. 5cm in length

Heart of Hearts

Heart-shaped hearts
with a dazzling rainbow crystal heart dangling down~

A very sweet piece~
Great for night-outs & dinners with your loved ones^^

Sales Price: RM10 only
Normal Price: RM20

Status: 1 left

Code: UCA102

Length: approx. 3.5cm in length

Teddy Bear

Cute black & gold teddies swaying!
Black teddy and earring hoop is mat-surfaced~

Sales Price: RM9.50 only
Normal Price: RM19

Status: 2 left
Code: UCA103

approx. 5cm in length

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Handmade Stuff

A gentle reminder:
To understand more of my handmade clay designs,
on your left as you scroll down.
I also understand that many of you may find it a hassle to read through everything,
so I shall give you a gist of it.

Just for your info, all these are 100% handmade!
Using fine quality clay bought from London.
I charge my products by the weight of clay & complexity of labour work.

So, the more intricate & detailed designs are, the higher the price will be.

I hope you all understand the tremendous effort I put into every piece of work,

hence the price charged~ =)

Also, all these designs are custom made products for other people,
hence, these designs are actually Not For Sale!
I do not to reproduce these custom made designs again, as it will lose its exclusivity.

However, if you are very interested in the designs I've made for others,
I can produce a similar design but with changes like the colour or items on the design.

Thank you all for understanding!! ^^/

Personalized Names

Some samples of personalized names that I've made.
For most of them, I made a twistie for the border.

It can be of any colour or pattern the person desires.

A few has words on both sides like the purple & black one above.

Height(H): 1.7cm Length(L): 4.6cm Width(W): 2mm


H: 1.5cm L: 4.8cm W: 2mm

For standard rectangular sizes [approx. H: 1.5cm; L: 5cm; W: 2mm]
prices usually range from RM7 onwards,
depending on the length & number of letters.
However, if customers request for different shapes & sizes,
then prices will be discussed further based on the customer's requirements.
This price estimate is for names only! Not inclusive of the other designs.

I charge a lesser amount if a customer wants a design & a name to go with it.

See samples below like Lollipop Piggie & Happy Bunny. =)


These gorgeous roses can be used for anything!
It can be used from decorating cards to personalizing your own photoframes~

It's an easy way to add a personal touch to your decorations with just some glue =)

I've had dark pink & light pink ones too but were already used up.

Lollipop Piggie

Isn't this purple pig adorable!
This piggie even has a four-leaf clover on top & a lollipop to go with it~

The clover is made of clay with green glitter =)

H: 3.2cm L: 2.4cm W: 6mm


H: 1.6cm L: 3.6cm W: 2mm


Happy Bunny

Another bunny collection~=x
I used clay with red glitter for all the reds on this bunny.

It looks more sparkling than it does in the pictures.

The photos do not do justice for these clay works!

(CAN REMAKE - varied)


This rabbit was made as a handphone accessory.
A beige rabbit with a ribbon & a humongous carrot in its hand~

I love the carrot!!

H: 5cm L: 4cm W: 8mm


FATT Biscuit

A piggie shaped biscuit~
A very simple design with some *bling* on the butt~ =p

This is a two-way keychain, meaning both sides of the clay has designs.

Notice the little whitish bits that sparkles on the pig?

I mixed the brown with some pearl-metallic clay for that effect.

Again, the photo does not reveal its true sparkle.

I've had some who commented that from afar, this pig looked like its made of leather.

Don't know if you think it's true.


Would you buy a Bella charm bracelet inspired by the movie/book 'Twilight'? Charms: Heart-shaped Swarovski crystal & howling wolf (carved from clay by me)

(A) Which team would you buy?

(B) Which charms you want on Team Edward?

(C) Which charms you want on Team Jacob?