I regret to announce that I'll be closing Bee Werks until further notice. I know that I've made some promises that I'll update whenever I can, but currently I'v had no time to do so.

Thank you all so much for all the support in the past & hopefully I can create more clay works in the future =)

Till then~
Cheers to handmade!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hey everyone!

I know there's been no updates at all & some of you may be waiting for the Bella charm bracelet which was supposed to be due this week.

Sadly, I may only release it this December or probably later than that as I'm having my finals soon & after that, I'll be busy with my internship. But rest assured, the TWILIGHT SAGA charms will definitely be released sooner if not later next year, plus some other items if possible :)

Deepest apologies for those who've waited so long for any updates ><

P.S. NEW MOON premieres nationwide on 26th of November 2009. Enjoy the movie!! I know I will~! :D

Would you buy a Bella charm bracelet inspired by the movie/book 'Twilight'? Charms: Heart-shaped Swarovski crystal & howling wolf (carved from clay by me)

(A) Which team would you buy?

(B) Which charms you want on Team Edward?

(C) Which charms you want on Team Jacob?